‘QHotels Inspirational Training’ launched to meet industry demand for training space

Leading conference and event venue operator, QHotels, has this month launched its new ‘Inspirational Training’ facility at Norton Park, Winchester – inspired by what trainers, bookers and trainees really need from a training venue.

Recognising demand in the industry for spaces designed specifically for training events, QHotels commissioned research with customers, trainers and businesses across the UK, to inform its new offering, ‘QHotels Inspirational Training’.

Group Operations Manager at QHotels, Joanne Barratt, who lead the research and development said: “As leaders in conferencing and events, we’ve seen a huge demand within the industry for a space specifically designed for training rather than re-purposed conference space, so we spoke directly to the trainers themselves, to ensure we’re in-tune with the current needs of our customers.

“Today, high-quality AV tech and equipment are expected as standard from a venue but actually, we found that trainers believe that face-to-face interaction is integral when it comes to learning and development.

“It became clear that the biggest requirement for trainers is actually flexibility, in both the room and service; a flexible space to act as a blank canvas for their specific training event as well as an inspiring and comfortable environment designed to enhance the training process.

“With this in mind, QHotels Inspirational Training at Norton Park has a simple, modern layout with plenty of break out areas and a free syndicate room can also be requested, allowing for flexible room set up. The simple and modern décor, including an inspirational feature wall and informal, relaxed and ergonomic furniture, has also been designed to enhance the learning experience.

“Key to flexibility is also choice, so the inspirational package offers the widest choice throughout the day for both trainer and delegates, including terms and conditions for the organiser and unique restaurant lunches with healthy and brain-stimulating options, to keep blood sugar levels balanced and trainees focused throughout the day.
“Although bespoke training rooms exist within specific training venues those using QHotels Inspirational Training also benefit from the facilities of a four-star hotel – leisure clubs, spa, dining options, comfortable rooms and award-winning service,” Joanne added.

The Inspirational Training concept launched at Norton Park in March and has already had almost 100 enquiries and bookings.

QHotels is currently gathering further feedback on the new training space from customers at Norton Park, in order to continually improve the offer and roll QHotels Inspirational Training out to other venues within its group of 27 hotels over the next year.

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