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Announcement of the ‘Design Champions’ for Portsmouth Guildhall’s Renaissance Project: HemingwayDesign

Portsmouth Guildhall management, the Portsmouth Cultural Trust (PCT), today announced the ‘Design Champions’ behind the 15million pound Renaissance project.
The Portsmouth Cultural Trust has the responsibility of ensuring the Portsmouth Guildhall, the historic and important building in the heart of Portsmouth is preserved, opened up and redeveloped for a diverse 21st century audience, and to ensure it has a sustainable future as a regionally significant multi-faceted arts venue. An options appraisal and draft “Ten Year Masterplan” has been carried out by Foster Wilson Architects (FWA), and the £15mil project was announced to the press in August 2015.
HemingwayDesign will meet with the architects to progress future designs. They will test, visualise and build on FWA’s work and create material that can help to form public discussion – something that can be used to attract potential sponsors and partners.
HemingwayDesign will also be the ‘Design Champions’ on aspects such as design, programming and identity.
Wayne Hemingway says: “The Guildhall is a sleeping giant with loads of potential; there are so many spaces that can be used for new and exciting things. I don’t look at this as just being the Guildhall, it is a complex – a place for all. Hemingway continues: “This should be the beating heart of Portsmouth. At the moment the Guildhall feels cold, it doesn’t feel alive – I want it to feel alive”
Chair of the Portsmouth Cultural Trust board, Mark Smith said: “These are bold and ambitious plans, and we are excited that HemingwayDesign will be working on this project.”